Downloading Files
  1. I Didn't received the product I just ordered?
    Unfortunately, temporary problems and site malfunction can happen sometimes... So if you just ordered some product or service from one of our sites and wasn't redirected to the download or registration page immediately. Please submit a new ticket HERE , and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Don't panic, things like that happen and we are always here to help our clients.
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  2. How do I open a .zip file

    You can download a zip file extractor HERE and use to to extract your .zip files

    Or, go to and download and install the WinZip evaluation version software.
    Then use winzip to extract the archived file you downloaded from our site/s.

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  3. What are pdf files?

    If you downloaded a file with the .pdf extantion then usualy it's an ebook or report that
    was created by the popular "Adobe Reader" application. You will need to download and
    install the "Adobe Reader" on your computer to be able to read the .pdf file.

    You can download "Adobe Reader" for free Here

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  4. Corrupt or bad files / download

    Please delete the corrupted file. Clear your cache and try to download again.
    Sometimes big file downloads won't download successfuly becuase of slow connection,
    or many other reasons and the download proccess will end before it was finished.

    You may need to use a download manager if you have a slower connection, you can download
    a free "Download Manager" software HERE..

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